This section will contain the Guidelines of Euromaintenance Awards and all the useful information relating to the EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies) International Awards. Further information on the activity and on the Awards of EFNMS and the Salvetti Foundation is available in the EFNMS NEWS section.
Questa sezione conterrà le Linee Guida dei Premi Euromaintenance e tutte le indicazioni utili relative ai Premi internazionali della EFNMS (Federazione Europea delle Società Nazionali di Manutenzione). Altre informazioni sull'attività e sulle Premiazioni di EFNMS e Fondazione Salvetti sono disponibili nella sezione EFNMS NEWS.


May 28, 2023
The President of EFNMS with the General Secretary of Salvetti Foundation confirmed the EuroMaintenance Awards in collaboration with the Salvetti Foundation.
Below, in English, the official communication and the Guidelines for participating.
Il Presidente di EFNMS con il Segretario Generale della Fondazione Salvetti ha confermato i Premi EuroMaintenance in collaborazione con la Fondazione Salvetti. Qui di seguito, in lingua inglese, la comunicazione ufficiale e le Linee Guida per partecipare.

Subject: Invitation letter for EuroMaintenance Awards

Dear General Assembly members,
Please find in the annex information about the next EuroMaintenance awards. It’s one of the EFNMS objectives to promote the awarding of prizes and distinctions relating to maintenance. The EuroMaintenance Awards are sponsored and supported by the Salvetti Foundation.
There will be 3 EuroMaintenance awards:
1.The European Maintenance Manager of the year Award (EMMA)
2.The Sc. Thesis Award (MTA)
. The D. Thesis Award (PTA)
The MTA and the PTA are also referred to as the academic awards.
The announcement of the award winners will be made during EuroMaintenance congress in Rimini in October 2024. The winners will receive an award, a money prize and they are invited by EFNMS to attend EuroMaintenance congress on the date of the award ceremony.
The National Maintenance Societies (NMS) who are members of the EFNMSvzw can nominate candidates for these European awards. Each NMS promote the EMMA, MTA and PTA. Each NMS will coordinate the candidacy on national level. If a national contest was held the winner will be the nominee for that NMS. If no national contest was held, the NMS can select a nominee to represent their country.
The registrations for the competition will be closed on the 1st of March 2024. Please send contact details of your NMS award coordinator/contact person to the General Secretary of the Salvetti Foundation.

Sincerely yours,

Cosmas Vamvalis  -  Chairman EFNMS - (2023.05.28)

Scholte P.J. Strikwerda -  General Secretary Salvetti Foundation

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